WS Freeride

WS Freeride 80cm-800sqcm

Our journey to create the ultimate windsurf freeride foil began in Hood River, where we had an incredible time with our friends at Sailworks. Inspired by the thrill of our adventures, we set out to design a new line of Freeride wings that would focus on early liftoff, wave riding, gliding, and exceptional upwind capabilities. We aimed to craft a wing that was not only easier to ride but also more fun, setting it apart from our ultra-stable race platform designed for pure course and slalom speed.

Introducing the all-new Freeride wings: the 600, 800, and 950. These wings are meticulously designed around profiles that excel in delivering excellent low-end performance and gliding. Combined with a medium to high aspect planform for exceptional turning and carving, they represent the pinnacle of windsurf freeride foils.

Our design philosophy centers around maintaining the pitch stability found in our current race setup while enhancing low-end power and maneuverability. To achieve this, we've created wings with a larger midsection and smaller tips. This carefully balanced lift distribution makes the wings lifty and loose, precisely what you need for those exhilarating carving experiences. Whether you're facing big chop, tackling waves, or cruising on flat water, these wings excel in all-around freeride performance.

What truly sets these Freeride wings apart is their remarkable lift-off and low-end capabilities across all three sizes. The larger sizes are optimized for light wind conditions, ensuring you can stay in the air when others can't. Meanwhile, the smaller sizes are designed for faster carving turns while remaining remarkably lifty at the low end. When you combine all three wings, you create the perfect quiver, allowing you to embrace the full spectrum of freeride experiences on the water.

So, if you're looking to elevate your windsurfing game and enjoy the thrill of early liftoff, incredible wave riding, and unmatched gliding, the Freeride series are your ticket to an unforgettable windsurfing adventure.

The set also comes in our PWA - R race construction:


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Rear Wing Slalom R42-210 (42cm – 210sqcm)

Rear Wing Slalom R42-210

Optimized for slalom and course racing and a must have in your F4 fleet. Works great with a the mid range of our course race and slalom front wings 620, 720 and the 850.

"To get maximum power out of my setup I use the 210 back wing, in both straight line and gybing you feel the added power compare to the back wings. "

- Jordy Vonk


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Rear Wing Race R48-230 (48cm – 230sqcm) second-hand







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Rear Wing

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CA Series


Windsurf Foil





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